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Science High

Science High Entrance Test Review

Any student with a high aptitude for Math and Science must consider studying in a Science High School. We can give you five (5) reasons why. It:

1. Gives excellent preparation for college.

2. gives an edge in college application.

3. provides relevant training.

4. provides relevant training.

5. provides relevant training.

Admission to a Science High School requires stringent qualifications and successfully passing a competitive entrance exam. Preparedness for the latter is very important. One may have a high aptitude for the subject areas tested but if not test-wise, he/she may lose precious points to get into the top rank (remember that the exam is competitive).

Younger students usually have challenges with testwiseness; they don’t know what to expect and are not equipped with the skills needed for the style of questioning that comes out in the entrance exams.  That’s why in SIKAT’s Science High School Review program, the teaching of test-taking strategies and techniques is incorporated into the learning sessions. More than that, our coaches help develop the higher-order thinking skills needed for students to ace the questions that usually come out in the entrance exams. 

Trust SIKAT to enhance the potential of students to gain entry into the science high school that’s right for them. Inquire about our Science High School Entrance Exam Review now!

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