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College / Senior High Entrance Test Review

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and to protect the health of our staff and students, we regret that our On-Site Review programs are temporarily unavailable. We are actively working to adapt to the “new normal” and have introduced SIKAT Online Programs for your continuous learning. We shall resume On-site Reviews as soon as it is safely possible.

Get into the College or Senior High School You Want – Let SIKAT help you

The College Entrance Review (CER) is SIKAT’s flagship program. Through the years, parents, students, and even teachers have come to trust SIKAT for college and senior high school admission preparation needs.  Aside from getting a comprehensive review package for the entrance examinations, our students enjoy mentorship from the teachers and staff as well as receive application assistance to any college or university that they are interested in.

What does it take to get into the school of your dreams? While your Junior High School grades are default criteria for admission, your preparedness for the entrance exams counts a lot. If you know what to expect in the exam, you’re already halfway there.  With SIKAT’s research and development team at the helm, you can be assured of up-to-date review materials that reflect the content of the actual exams. Our seasoned lecturers know where to focus on so you can be assured that your energy and resources are put into the topics that really matter.

With a program as thorough and well-targeted as that, it’s no wonder SIKAT’s College and Senior High Review students have been accepted to and even excelled at the most prestigious and competitive universities in the country.

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To get into the country’s top four (4) universities, early preparation is key.
Put into good use your school summer break by reviewing for the UPCAT, ACET, DCAT, and USTET.

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